Sunday, February 05, 2012

It is amazing to me that the remote villages we go to are only 30 to 40 miles away yet it takes us 1 ½ to 2 hours to get there in the vans. But then what’s a couple of hours on the worst roads I’ve ever seen. These roads make the Michigan potholes look like they’ve been created by moles.
We arrived in the village mid-afternoon to find 40 families waiting for us, all dressed up in their best clothes. As we unloaded from the vans we were greeted with timid smiles and shy ”Buenos tardes” from the older children and the women. The men were mostly distant and unsure. The little ones were just plain scared. The med team was able to set up in the school house there and was soon very busy examining one family at a time.
Outside it took just a bit longer to get some interaction going, but not nearly as long as we expected. Sidewalk chalk, crayons and pictures to color, nail polish, Frisbees, a jump rope and candy soon had nearly everyone in a festive mood. I brought along some yarn and a crochet hook just to see what would happen. The first crocheted rose bracelet had many of the women looking over my shoulder and after I gave that one away every Mama and Grandma came over to wait for theirs. I was only able to stop when it got too dark to see what I was doing. Watching Mike, Ross and Pat demonstrating the finer techniques of rope jumping had even the men engaged, mostly laughing at their comical antics. Hearing the laughter of the men mingling with the giggles of the children and mothers was heartwarming.
The movie was a hit and nearly 70 people came forward after Hermano Jesus’ moving sermon to commit to a personal relationship with Jesus.
I’m on emotional overload and physically exhausted, just like everyone else here, but I wouldn’t trade this week for anything. God is so amazing!
A few of the group aren’t feeling well, please continue to pray for us as we gear up for the second medical clinic today.

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A Day of Victory!

I am both physically and spiritually exhausted. We finished our houses today, decorated, and dedicated the homes. While each family was inside the homes with Dan and the pastor, we joined hands outside around each house and prayed and sang. Dan warned us before about the spiritual warefare that would be going on around us, satan is so real and he was there doing his best to break the focus…from dogs fighting, to loud speakers, to kids throwing things, he did all he could to try and keep those families from accepting Gods free gift of salvation…but he lost today! Between the four families, 5 adults & 7 kids received their salvation! The angels in heaven are having a party today! During the gospel presentation to our family, Elder also was saved! It was very difficult for him though…it was very obvious that he was not only having physical problems, but he was also under attack spiritually…When the pastor asked him if he wanted salvation through Jesus Christ, he tried to answer three times and each time his eyes were rolling back and he was shaking. He was finally able to get the words out and as we sang praises to God, using all the strength he had, he raised his arms to the sky and tears rolled down his face! I was crying and could not even get a word out to pray, all I could do is ask Jesus to lift my prayers for me. What a powerful day! Tomorrow we have a medical clinic where we will hand out meds to a village, after which they will be presented the gospel and offered an opportunity to accept Gods free gift of salvation. I was told the pastor will preach and he really gets things going! I am excited to hear him!

A few things that God pointed out to me over the past few days…

1. Don’t hold back. We are only here for a short time. Don’t waste it.
2. Take my time on this Earth and let it glorify all that God is worth for I am nothing without Him.
3. Do I “LOVE” God? or am I “IN LOVE” with God? They are different.


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Watch here for updates and pictures from Team Life Stream January 31-February 7, 2012

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